Olgaareal Stuttgart

Client: Department for City Planning and Urban Renewal Stuttgart
Contact: Reinhard Busch
Cooperation: Dominik Uhrmeister Architekten
Period: 2011
Dimension: 3,8 ha

The redesign is based on the contrast between introverted, formally designed courtyards and gardens on the one hand, and connecting, scenic open spaces surrounding the quarters on the other. Playgrounds, a forecourt and a kindergarten park are incorporated into the design. The underlying design proposal regards the street as a strong boundary and barrier between both areas. Therefore, they are designed as separate spaces which share a common overall character, though. Amenity value is achieved by bordering both quarters on the street side. The prominent height situation with different levels is adopted as one of the themes of the design. Height differences are showcased on various platforms – designed slices of land. The place with its existing features, surface modeling and tree sculptures is not overdesigned, but rather cited and alienated within the redesign.

In the center of the new residential and business quarter there is a spacious plaza with tree canopy, pavements of varying character, playground area and a grand, permanently fixed table-bench combination inviting the neighborhood to linger. The plaza is framed by private gardens belonging to single houses. The plaza serves as a community meeting place and as a central point in the quarter.