Commercial district GoWest – Mecklenburgische Straße

Client: Brillant
Contact: Harald Fugmann, Reinhard Busch, Vicky Tettling and Simon Lang (Environmental Planning)
Cooperation: CKSA Architekten
Period: 2018
Dimension: 7,5 ha

Since spring 2018, FJP has been part of the planning team for the redevelopment of the former Reemtsma area in Berlin-Schmargendorf. As part of the planning preparation for the innovative commercial district, we are responsible for the design of the open spaces and green roofs and handle environmental issues for the necessary permits. Completion of the entire quarter is scheduled for 2025.

Based on a master plan ‘Open Spaces’ from 2018, the streets, squares, courtyards and roofs will be concretized in the course of design and implementation planning. A particular challenge is the rainwater retention on the predominantly intensively greened roofs and paved areas, which are underpinned by an underground parking garage. The water collected in cisterns is used to irrigate the large trees standing in pots and the green areas  as well as to operate the planned water games.