Burg State Horticultural Show 2018

Client: Stadt Burg
Contact: Harald Fugmann
Period: 2013

Shaped by the textile and leather industries, the historical legacy of the former civic town of Burg can be seen in its generous parks (“Goethepark” and “Flickschupark”) and avenues. During the period from the beginning of the industrial Gründungszeit to the decline of the town’s various manufacturing plants, the river Ihle was little more than a source of much-needed of energy: it did not form part of the town’s identity. The painful upheaval and loss of industrial base after the reunification of Germany led to a perforation in the city. The tearing down of industrial plants and a disorganised repurposing has given rise to new open spaces, offering opportunities for a sustainable city development appropriate to the site.

The Ihle is now being reclaimed as a new backbone in a network of inner-city open spaces. The newly developed paths and open spaces represent a new selling-point for the city. Moreover, the transformation of historical open spaces into contemporary parks has created a unique backdrop for the 2018 state horticultural show (Landesgartenschau). In the process, the existing ambience is being picked up and respectfully interpreted in the spirit of our own times. Through appropriate new forms of usage these spaces are being adapted to the needs of today. Under the slogan ‘New backdrops to the Horticultural Show’ we are taken on an exciting journey of discovery around the new city-centre attractions, leading us through the town’s historical legacy, as well as to the new Weinbergpark gardens and along the river Ihle. The unique topography, open spaces and construction history of the town are brought to life for both visitors and residents alike.