Area around the town hall in Wedding

Client: Land Berlin
Contact: Harald Fugmann
Period: 2013
Dimension: 20 ha

Of Gardens and Groves – the area around the town hall in Wedding

Green and hard, it is a square with two different faces – the city in front, and the landscape to the rear. It represents a sensitive response to the scale-defining buildings within the square and around its edges. The proportions defined by the open space concept are a reaction against the built reality. A balanced urban open space with a unique character and a marked atmosphere is the result. Formed from a group of three Lombardy poplars – which, through their strong verticals, offer a fitting response to the tower blocks – is a kind of “paradise garden” situated on the largely paved-over section of the square in front of the former town hall. A 70cm-high inward-sloping upstand creates an impression of an oversized, almost floating planter.
A park-like green space behind the former town hall characterised by single old trees and a lawn begins and ends the Beuth-Hochschule campus. A “poet’s grove” makes a thematic reference to the future library. In a negative echo of the “paradise garden”, the upstand this time encloses a square in the middle of a green space.